Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Ingredients & Review

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Ingredients in Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Review of the Product and Uses

By Shyla Harvey

What is the Magic Eraser Made Of?

  • The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is made of Melamine Polymer

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power Ingredients are the same–the Extra Power comes from the foam being textured and twice as strong (referring to the density of the foam)

  • Melamine Polymer…Abrasive Foam

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Ingredients for Wheel & Tire are also the same as the original.

Magic Eraser Ingredients for Duo

  1. Polyurethane Foam…Absorbency
  2. Polyurethane Polymer…Adhesiveness
  3. Melamine Polymer…Abrasive Foam

Magic Eraser Uses: Use it for Baked-On Grease, Microwaves, Stove Tops, Refrigerator handles, floor tile, grout and grout. Use the magic eraser on textured surfaces, tubs, windowsills/frames, alloy car wheels, plastic patio furniture, grill cooking grates, and athletic equipment.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Review

Magic Eraser ingredients WORK. I use these sponges a lot. I use them on my white walls to wipe off crayon and markers from my kids (be careful not to rub off the paint though), on my stove, on parts of my car. There are many uses for this magic sponge however, be careful as it will eat right through leather and many other delicate surfaces, coatings and finishes.

One downside to the pads is the price of them. I have quite notably had more luck with the Mr. Clean Erasers versus the generic ones. I haven’t found a generic pad that has matched the power of the Mr. Clean magic erasers yet although I have tried different ones. Thinking economically, I often try generic alternatives to products that I find work well however not with this cleaning pad. What I do is find coupons for them if I want to spend less for it.

Another downside to the magic eraser is that it can and will cause skin abrasions. Never use the magic eraser to wipe paint or marks off of your skin. There has even been talk of people suffering from a magic eraser burn. Warnings of the magic erasers ingredients causing skin abrasions are posted right on the box. So, keep this product away from kids, pets or anyone who hasn’t read the usage instructions. Kids love sponges and they could take the sponge and wipe themselves with it, causing skin burns and abrasions.

How to Use the Magic Eraser

Use gloves before handling the eraser. Grip pad and rub the foam eraser on surface. After you have finished rubbing the surface stain off, wipe the surfaces off with plain water. Finally, store the remaining eraser foam in a safe place (away from children and pets) for the next use.

Where is the Magic Eraser Made?

It’s Made in Germany and packaged in the USA.

Who Makes the Magic Eraser?

They are distributed by Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

For questions, comments or ideas on more uses for the magic eraser pads call 1-800-248-1612 or visit the website at

Finally, those of you that might have more to add about your experiences with this cleaning pad, would like to post a comment about the ingredients in it, or your review of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers please do so in the textarea provided, thank you.

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